Turn Your Shameful 8-Track Player Into an iPod Dock You Can Be Proud Of

If you have an old 8-track player you've been holding onto and feel like leapfrogging a few generations of music media altogether, here's a handy guide on turning that old piece of junk into a shiny new iPod dock. So you're ready to upgrade from 8-tracks to 8000 MP3s, but you want to keep your sound system matching your lava lamp and your bean bag chair. Unplggd's, advice, in short: find a working 8-track and cram a tape adapter all up n that piece. It's sort of like That 70's Show—you get the novelty of the retro aesthetic without forfeiting the modern familiarities you've grown to love. Somehow I just compared your MP3 collection to Ashton Kutcher. kvanhemert@gizmodo.com

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