Speed of light project!!! @ the oxo tower!! Welcome to the DARK SIDE!!

Speed of light project at the oxo tower was bind blowing well worth a trip to the darkside!!
Exciting, inspiring and creative a real dark experience in the centre of the south Bank!!

United Visual Artists (UVA) has been commissioned by Virgin Media to create an immersive light installation on London’s South Bank to mark the tenth anniversary of broadband in the UK. Speed of Light is a series of installations that explore the themes of communication and modernity.
‘SPEED OF LIGHT,’ 9th-19th April 2010
OXO Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, London SE1 9PH
The series of installations aims to invoke in the viewer a sense of the ‘magic’ involved in fibre optic communications.

About the project: Stripped back to its materials, fibre optic is a thin strand of glass, with nothing more than a flickering beam of light. UVA have used this beam as the starting point for their work. The installations dramatize the experience of using fibre-optic communication, re-imagining it as an immersive environment.
The story begins with an input from the audience, which is transferred into a pathway of light, leading through the atmospheric environment of the Bargehouse. The continuous line of light evolves through each installation in turn shifting in intensity and form.

Speed of Light uses over 148 lasers across four floors and six rooms of the Bargehouse, a raw and industrial warehouse on the South Bank.

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