Classic, Beauitful, modern yet with an Air of traditional Class!! John A Harris Furniture Designer

 Designer John A Harris, is exhibiting his beautifully crafted furniture in the savile Row shop of Mr Ozwald Boetang, English Spalted beech crafted to perfection.  Worth a look you bet ya!!!

Classic, Beautiful, modern yet with an Air of traditional Class!!

In his own words

“I start off with a clear idea of what I am about to make but I am easily swayed”, he says “I let the wood express itself. Sometimes it feels like all I have to do is bring out the hidden beauty” As each piece can take from 1 month to 1 year to make, this is as far from mass-production as you can get. Giving uniqueness to a one off creation.
'Visually remarkable and immaculately crafted, the merit of these objects is that they tell us about their maker. They are the fruit of a great number of lived experiences, and their perfection is the result of first-hand knowledge, passion and a real engagement with the material. Today, after years of deprecation, skill and technique are making a comeback'. Patrick Favardin Critic - Paris, Nov 2007.

'Through my work I aim to have a lasting impact on the way in which people view old and unusable timber and to make a more creative and ecological contribution to the major issue of recycling, deforestation and the future preservation of the planet'. John Alfredo Harris
My designs merge the classic traditions of the cabinet making craft with a freedom of visual expression. I try to emphasize the prehistory of the wood in the pieces I create by leaving clues as to their origin. This makes for strong debate and discussion for the public or client, and is a major factor in all my work. I design furniture, tableware, interior accessories, and interior space. I work on one-off commission project as well as editions.

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