Muse At Wembley Stadium Saturday the 11th September supported by Biffy Clyro.  Having heard that this band as a live act are something pretty special I had to check it out myself.  Arriving pretty early for good a good spot; we where presently surprised by Biffy a real mix of heavy metal craziness amazing guitars and intense sound along with cheesy lyrics on other bits really went down well!! And were BIFFY ready to rock hell yeah!! Muse arrived on at 9 pm for a 2 hour set!! The guy on the drums the tightest and probably the best drummer I have ever heard, along side spacemen outfits, red light up suits, a massive silver UFO with a performer falling out half way through with aerobatics, massive eye balloons, streamers and paper pieces flying through the sky, movable stages, some of the most mind boggling music, standing singalongs to 'we will stand victorius', a ball with a moving eye in on top of the amazing set up and not to mention the BEST most tremendous sound and crowd I have ever been a part of!! All in all an AMAZING EVENT!! blah pheeew that was EPIC!!

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