« Yaze absorbs paint », by Amélie Blanckaert
This self-taught artist is like his paintings : a mix of spontaneity and formal sense, a cyclonic energy, a smiling rage which is also an art of capturing. This rage, which he compares to the one of writer Rachid Djaïdani, is the one of a work freed from any compromise. Exploring the ‘face’ since 10 years, Yaze’s painting, neither figurative or abstract, is about a free figuration (figuration libre) which sometimes reminds of Francis Bacon for the deformation of the faces, or recalls Jackson Pollock for the representation of a mental universe and the use of certain techniques such as the dripping. 
Instictive, even eruptive, his work is at the same time violent with its hatchings and drips, emotional with its warm and disparate colors on white background. His ability to amaze resides in this balance between the rigor of the composition and this bubbling, heterogenous, aspect. 

Evolving chromaticism, mix of acrylic, pastel, ink and oil…, Yaze is constantly in search for new gestures, new colors, new tools – besides brushes, markers, waxing sponges or, more recently, a garden sprayer, « an incredible magic wand for the power of its spray », confides the artist. The self-portrait disappears for the benefit of the material.  

a text by Jacques Bouzerand, French art critic, 2006
In certain ways, while reading his impressive paintings, I place YAZE in what is for me the family of immense artists like CY Twombly –where what is unspoken, suggested, creates poetry, Georg Baselitz –whose power knocks down all norms, Yan Pei-Ming –who translates the savagery of the World…there could be worse company… 

The painter does not need words to convince us of his passion for the world. To suggest what he feels, what he suffers, what he loves. At 26, through his painting, his defensive weapon and his language, YAZE imposes his truth upon us. It is truly moving.

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