Tribal inspired illustration @ SWEET shordich featuring Lynnie Zulu.

Lynnie Zulu @ Sweet Gallery Shordich.

'SWEET' Gallery in Shordich showcased young talented up and coming illustrators in there open evening on Thursday 7th April, the selection of works were distinctive and original.  In the centre of the gallery framed in 6 simple black frames was the work of Lynnie Zulu.  Lynnie's exuberant tribal figures some multi coloured and masked while others touched on the idea of ancient totenpoles where faces moulded together to create a modern day interpretation of mythical gods.

Above is the are a few examples of lynnie's work, my favourites being the masked colourful lady and the twins emerging from the hole!  Outside lynnie had covered the windows in sparkly childlike doodles that sparkled in the beautiful hot evenings moon light!

Check out more work at www.lynniezulu.blogspot.com

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