Rocking on down at the coffin on cake press day!

Thanks to the lovely guys at coffin on cake for a lovely press day and uber chic goody bag!!
Boys goodie bag whoop!! nice!! plus a press release from us @eyeoftheworlddesigns.com and a wonderful note about Hendzel and hunt furniture makers!! Whoop! Thanks for that guys!!

 Rock on Hand in our goodie bags how could we not love that!! Heres the gorgeous Alex modeling!! HOT!
 Nice Bike for the Alpine Stars press day!!! 
 Original style boots coming to one of my shoots real soon!!
 Trippy pants!! I love tomatoes with wings thats a winner for sure!!
 Deano's injury just days before the press day!! Impressive bandage sir!!
 LOVE these skating shoes!!! Fallen!!
 Eat your heart out cosmic triangle board!
 The bear!! LOve this jumper!
 Boggle eye ski mask !!
 The badges yes i am the proud owner of all of them!! ROCK ON!!

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