Susie Bubble Blogs our wooden accessories on her blog www.stylebubble.co.uk

We are very excited to have made it on to the pages of the gorgeous Susie Bubble'sStyle Bubble super page/blog after the Liberty open calls on Saturday 20th of August. Showing our pieces, in hope to one day being stocked in Liberty. We had a great response and keep our fingers crossed in the call backs! <3 http://www.stylebubble.co.uk/style_bubble/2011/08/best-of-british-at-liberty.html
Quotes from Susie's article

'I have listed out my top four finds from the day here along with a few others that needed some tweaking or further development.  There'll be follow-ups and who knows - perhaps they will make it into Liberty...'

"The thing about Eye of the World's pieces is the finish which is pretty immaculate - smooth edges, perfectly sanded down and aligned with perspex - they're also fastidious about presentation creating their own boxes and neoprene soft covers.... 'Susie Bubble'

"Using a lot of reclaimed wood to create these structures that I can only describe as waist jewellery"
... Susie Bubble.

"The Eye of the World can take this signature of wooden accessories and expand into many verticles - wooden bags, belts, hats..." 'Susie Bubble'

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