My interview with the amazing illustrator HATTIE STEWART if your not a fan already you will be after this!!

by Hope Von Joel
 Hattie at work <3

Hattie Stewart, is a young super cool and original girl, modest, smiley and with eyes that make you smile. I was allowed into her wonderful world for a brief moment to delve under her skin and pick out some loving facts to share with you. And i was not disappointed. Hattie is an illustrator of the most fantastic mind altering graphics, her vision is that of a jumbled genius, her pictures depict other worldly planets and her use of colours extroidanair makes a 60s psychedelic poster jealous.  Here's what i found out, Hattie, is 23 and based in super cool east london, having worked for mega brands which include, diesel, adidas, house of holland and luella she isn't a novice in this buisness. Hattie's work has been all over the world with exhibitions in Berlin and London and most recently taking part in the 50th anniversary of Sanrio 'small gift' in Miami.  But do not be disappointed if you missed these one as she is also taking part in a large exhibition in Bangkok next year so that could be a visit to the beach and super cool show all in one! So here is the interview enjoy! www.hattiestewart.com 

1) Tell me about yourself and your design back ground?

My name is Hattie and I am an artist/illustrator from East London (with absolutely no relation to those Dalston Superstar people. ugh)

2) How and why did you start ....

I've always drawn from a young age. Standard! I recently looked at a collection of old work from a young babe to now and its weird that you can clearly see the natural progression of my work and how i've ended up where I am stylistically. Its interesting looking back. I like to think "it was meant to be" !!

3)whats your specalism, and what exciting projects have you got coming up?
I guess I specialise in black line, character based work. I'm currently working on a brand new painting for a show with Shhh collective (http://shhhhblog.tumblr.com/) at the fab new gallery 'Beach London' in December, so watch this space! As well as this I'm working on adding to my Megazine project which i'm hoping to turn into a book (or magazine??) one day!
4)How are you finding your feet in the industry? And what is your proudest achievement to date?
As always its a slow climb but I've been extremely fortunate to work with some amazing people. I think my proudest achievement to date is working with House of Holland to create illustrations and prints for his first ever Pre Collection and S/S 2012 collection. He was great fun to work with and more so because he appreciated my style. I'm fortunate to be able to work on a project where I can draw as I naturally do and not change it to fit a different, required aesthetic. Its rare and I'm lucky.

5) Tell me about he images you have supplied for e interview and your inspirations?
I have provided my favourite Megazine covers! I constantly source images from magazines which i'll then manipulate to suit my aesthetic. The photography is always beautiful in these epic magazines but I get so booooored with it, there is so much more that can be done. With this I thought of when people doodle and scrawl over things when they are bored and so Megazines was born. Its as simple as that. I was bored, I doodled and ended up creating something I thought was pretty cool! I've had a great response which I'm pretty chuffed with. I feel most of my best work is created when I'm just drawing for myself. These ideas and pieces ALWAYS end up being the leading pull when creating work for clients. I've also provided pictures from the Porcelain collection I created with 123 Bethnal Green Road. They had a huge amount of old porcelain and asked me to bring it up to date which was great fun! One thing I like to focus on with my work is how it can be used. A lot of people think its one dimensional so I like to be able to show all the possibilities it has to offer. 
6) any exhibitions you have gad how where they??
I have been in and taken part in quite a few. My ultimate favourite though was for the 50th Anniversary of Sanrio which took place in Miami last year during Art Basel I was able to exhibit with some amazing artists and go to Miami! Best. Holiday. Ever. oops, I mean 'business trip'.
7)What inspires you most?
I don't care if its corny but my friends. Without them I would be lost! I love Hayao Miyazaki and Takashi Murakami. Amazing.

8)Who are your main inspiration?

My amazing sister. She is just fabulous and one of my biggest inspirations. Hands down.
9)If you could design for anyone or any company which would it be and why?
I would love to design something for those pop princesses: Gaga, Minaj, Perry, Rhianna etc they are playful with their look. Especially Minaj and Perry, like they've been vomited over by a cartoon character! That would be fun. I'd love to work with Giles. I previously said when asked this "House of Holland" so hopefully I can predict again. Wouldn't that be something! 
Illustrations in the Luella window .............................
10)what are your favourite/signature materials?
Black pens, Posca and my Mac. 
11)Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
On top of the world! Aiming high and all that. Nah, In 5 years time I'll probably be regretting saying 'on top of the world' when I'm back at home living with mama if people decide they don't like my work anymore! I love what I do but most of all its always been for me, which is why I think I'm doing ok. If your not doing it for yourself and because you love to create and draw, regardless of money or popularity, then whats the point? The fact that people engage with and like my work is an unbelievably exhilarating bonus. I can only hope that continues to grow.
What a treat! keep upto date with the lovely hattie on twitter www.twitter.com/hattiedoodles and www.hattiestewart.com i know i will be xxxxx 
All copyright belongs with Hattie Stewart please do not use with out prior permission to contact Hattie please email her directly many thanks x

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