Paris, ce que vous pouvez y voire, part 1

First day at Paris Fashion week,

The Dévastée show, in black and white, was super cool, 
next summer you will be wearing a cap and two trousers to go to work,

As well as le coq sportif trainers

but you have to keep it chic, so you will wear a knotted veil with the cap

at Alexis Mabille, it was the perfect mix of boyish and girly outfits,
sweaters over mini skirt

Rock T-shirt and maxi vichy printed skirts

and these beautiful shoulder details 

Gareth Pugh was THE show of the day, it just took our breath away, ..

striking red, 

Fringe, and killer shoes

Beautiful wide leg, and cape floating behind the models

the model were an army of beautiful geishas


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