Hopes Testing Jurlique Skin Balancing Face oil

Smells divine, soft and luxurious, smooth and silky, I am a great fan of face oils and this is by far my favourite. Applying day and night and enjoy the wonderful smell, fantastic to drift of to sleep with and even more lovely after a bath. To my delight I have even been stopped in the street and asked what perfume i am wearing and happily i told them about this product. After a week and a half of testing (went over my normal week as i was enjoying it soooo much) skin feels hydrated, smooth and silky and looks truly radiant. I was promised Hydration and protection and I received so much more!!

The Ingredients:
  • Evening Primrose Oil, Macadamia Seed Oil and Marshmallow intensely hydrate and soften skin, improving its overall condition.
  • Rose Hip Oil and Safflower Oil work in tandem to soften fine lines & wrinkles and improve skin’s firmness.
  • Shea Butter, Avocado Oil and Jojoba Oil provide emolliency and give skin a smoother, healthier appearance.
Hope's testing vote 9.5/10 Pure luxury

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