1960s and 1970s Inspiration

Sometimes 'i think I was born in the wrong era' so here are the joy of the 60s and 70s that really make my mind go gooie. I love the colours the nod to the psychedelic the colour orange and the experimental dolly girl silhuette. So very flattering on a tall slim body. I dream of being a 60s girl.........
 red red red red........
 colourful toessssssss ......
 kinky cartoonsssss
 freee loveeeee
 patterns prints and stylised illustrasions
 clashing prints
 me in print and pattern
 iconic advertising
 bold prints
 colour crazy interiors
 bold patterns and shapes

 Dancing and rejoicing
 Auntie jean rocks the look
 carpet celling
 bold patterns
 colour matching
 sonny and cher
 bold and strong
 what more do you need than orange
 ski style queen
 mixed media

Auntie jean in Christian Dior

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