BRAND: Cut Out Girls

On a sunny Thursday afternoon we met up with two lovely girls, Carla and Libby, who are designers and creators behind the London based brand CUT OUT GIRLS. We sat down in a cosy cafe located South East side of London to talk about their bag brand and inspirations. After first sips of perfectly strong black coffee we begun to feel like suddenly being transfered to France. Maybe those were the small outside tables that reminded us of Parisian cafes but maybe those were the bags that made us think of summer trips throughout the country. And we must say - no wonder, as their latest AW13 collection is called LE VOYAGE. A very French inspired VOYAGE.
Inspiration: a cup of coffee or two
Both girls first met whilst studying Fine Art at Newcastle University. In 2011 after some time traveling and working they joined forces to establish the label CUT OUT GIRLS ltd. Inspired by their move to London and a desire to keep creating and collaborating, their first motivations came from using surplus canvas and paintings from university. This concept of reinvention, and manipulating unique left-over materials formed the first functional bag collection.
The bag we loved
When we asked what inspired both girls the list could have gone on and on but to have a little insight here are few: travel, living in London, friends, landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, color, fabrics, music and lets not forget wine.
Inspiration: Traveling
Their bags made us reminiscence the summery days when one could just grab a backpack throw in a few things and be ready to go for a hike. 
 Inspiration: Hat and sunnies to match with the backpack
We also tried it on and went for a walk.
 And look who was hiding in our backpack!
Hello, Merlin!
We adored the little purple bag that you could simply attached to your bike. Feels super practical and looks great!
Inspiration: Lovely girls with bikes!
I guess you have noticed that we are all about the details and these are very cool!
Inspiration: We feel like hitting the road and going for a trip
Thanks girls for meeting with us! It was lovely to see you!

P.S. Here are their stockists:
BERLIN: UVR Connected, 
JAPAN: Managed by: Takashi and Yuko Suwahara, Zeniya Inc
UK: Designers Makers Online store, Hambledon Gallery and soon to be stocked at LOIS in peckham, a new shop which is opening next week :)

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