LFW Henry Holland

Henry Holland Ghetto girls, wore caps, and leather straps and gold hoops to strut down his catwalk at London Fashion week. Teaming sexy lace with tattoo style print, tartan and body con sihuhettes. Colours ranged from Blue and red to pinks and purples. Cloud print, slogans and tattoo print covered the clothes. The sound track boomed and the catwalk and back drop sung with pink mystical clouds.
Ghetto style matching caps
Perfect for the 'it' kids, as sitting in the front row inc. Alexa Cheng, Harry Styles, Kelly Osbourne and many more.
Magicial pink clouds in prints and as backdrop wallpaper
Sexy shorts, matching trousers and shirts, teamed with super high, super shiny shoes
Referencing the coolest girls on the block
Super cute easy to wear dresses with matching hats
Cool religious icons made an appearance next to flowers on tops and jackets
Lace skirts made boxy tops feminine
Cute detailed jackets with orange rose trims
Super shine/reflections on coats and sunglasses lenses
 Space age specs over prom shaped dresses
Not to forget tattoo hearts that matched the temporary tattoo invite
Star studded, super original venue (central soho car park top floor)
Super slick production and set, friendly well dressed pr what more could you ask for?? BRAVOOOOOO!!!

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