PFW Céline

There was nothing we didn't love about Céline SS14 collection. We loved her artistic touch, the cool colors and vintage sport inspiration. You might think it is impossible to put it all together but Phoebe Philo does it amazingly and that is why we adore her.
 We got inspired from the girls in tennis!
 and stylish golf players.
we liked that checked details that was going on!
And the make-up was more than cool! The dark black eyebrows with a bit of color and the thin dancing ones!
But our most favorite part was fantastic brush stroke pattern that was used for everything from shirts to coats!
We remembered our love for pop-art and Roy Lichtenstein!
 We got inspired of paintings by Robert Mangold
and Theo Van Doesburg
 or any other artistic expression!

Marvelous collection!

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