Morocco arrival, after the dark of London and its stormy skies being greeted with sunshine is always a joy. But in Morocco even the light is magical, a touch of blue and yellow so bright it reminds me of long summers in the country or that light that flickers through your window in spring. I knew i had arrived back to somewhere that feels like home.
Moroccan Blue
Blue tiles, walls and interiors are a strong theme in all of Morocco here are a few examples
 Tiles laden with various patterns both contrasting and matching, my leggins work a treat along side the traditional crafts.
lights, walls and accessories all shades of blue work here.
There is something amazingly tranquil about colour combinations blues and greens and rich earthy terracotta's 
 Long corridors with arches and pattern bounce the light all around with such calmness.
 Hand painted door frames and traditional alabaster carving gives depth and interest to door ways. 
Alabaster Carving 
(as seen above in this intricate door way.)
I had the pleasure of coming across many artisans in Morocco one craft I very much enjoyed was alabaster carving. Sitting in a small door way leading onto a main street in the deepest souks of Marakesh was an elderly gentlemen and his son, who have been working in this medium for many years. With my small amount of french I easily and quickly learnt about the techniques, how to work the material (while still damp) with chisels and measuring tools used in sculpture and wood work.
 Here are a selection of some of his tools
 The older Gentlemen Mohammed measuring out his piece and next to that a finished piece as seen in his workshop, and below a large piece used for a centre of a room, all hand designed and executed.
Once carved the material is left in the sun to dry out and become solid.
Traditional Crafts 
Beading, leather work, pottery, metals and lighting line souks and markets all over morocco, the intricate designs and coloured lights make magical shadows and dusty lanes come to life as you weave through. The smell of frankincense and amber waft up your nose and whizzing motorbikes skim past your thighs. Its a rabbit warren of treasures and an exciting place to explore.
 Beautifully coloured textiles made into cushions, bags and leather boots caught my eye. On my previous visit i brought loads for my sofa at home but this time just boots where my main purchase.
 Exotic chandeliers and traditional brightly coloured festival hats in all sorts of colours.
 Intricately tiled sinks in guest houses through out the city, make my eyes dance.
 Walls with waxed plaster coverings make rooms feel calm and peaceful
Mixing of textures make opulent rooms sing with joyfulness
 My favourite purchase Boots with orange carpet panels with go brilliantly in my orange love affair back in London
I was totally blown away by the beauty of perfume shops this one taking my breathe away
Warm sunshine on fresh vegetables and roof tops makes dreamy easy, i loved writing poetry and drawing.
 Tree house - tea house - what better way to drink traditional mint tea than in a tree house with cats.
 Treasures lie around every corner
Curious animals became my best listeners while i read them poems and stroked their soft fur 
 These where two of my favourites 
Desert Bound for NYE
Epic journeys in taxi around winding roads for hours and hours on end got us eventually to the desert and views so breathtaking it brought a tear to our eyes. Watching the final sunset on a mountain to close 2013 was just EPIC!
 Special moments on the mountains with beautiful new and old friends made welcoming in 2014 something definitely to remember. I managed to share over 600 bindis that night and the following sharing and greeting like minded people with love and joy for the year to come. My new years resolution being - Sharing its free and oh how it brings great joys.
 And the nights sky was just amazing one of the best places in the world to see the stars this picture was taken by a friend i met not he plane on the way home. And it just about does it justice. The sky was alive in the desert and oh so totally beautiful 
Good night 2013 its been a pleasure.
Hotels and tents keep us cosy at night
 Sometimes remembering how big the world is and gaining new inspirations lets the heart grow. A little sunshine in the winter months can ignite the soul and make dreams a reality. Thank you 2013 for an amazing year and I look forward to 2014 with great excitement. Bring it on I am ready :)
NYE diary drawing <3 p="">

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