Welcome to the wonderful world of Ashish, colourful fun and full of sparkle. Its like every girls dream, light up shoes, princess dresses, more than a million sparkles, crowns and super cool girls. What more could you possibly want?? We just had to do a detailed blog post to show you what the collection makes us think of and smile about.
Barbie is bang on trend with Ashish, pink and sparkly, wouldn't she look amazing in those platform light up shoes?? 
Sparkly crowns, sparkly tassels, sparkly ruffles, we are sold already :)
Tassels make a party
layers and iridescent sparkle well if a fish can look this good why can't we.
Catwalk girls 
Shine, shine shine shine shine shine
Whats not to like?
The spice girls rocked it and now we can rock it all over again
90s girls, and their party feet
Team sparkle
The catwalk girls would be right at home in this pink paradise
Candy colours littered with sparkle, oh wouldn't that make the best pudding for a tea party?
Sporty ruffels and the cool gang
Catwalk hair at the show was nothing more than genius!!
Made us dream of sweets and candy
Girly 90s bedroom
Backstage was like a princess ball, here we see the light up skirts and shoes in their full glory
Don't we all want our hair to be like my little pony?? Laden with flowers?
Backstage glamour and all the fun of the model girls, don't you wish you were at the party?
Pink fluffy and very tasty
Perfect cupcakes why can't your outfit represent something so yummy??
Here they are in all their glory light up platform buffalo boots :)
The clueless girls would definitly have been ordering these beauties!!
Should this not have been the venue??
90s girl glamour is claudia shiffer not the ultimate icon??
Or are the Spice girls the ones to reference for this look??
Glamorous girl gangs 
Ashish also represents current trends celebrating the gay rights at the fore front of political ideas in Russia, with this "LOVE WILL WIN" rainbow slogan t-shirt. We definitly approve.
Sweetie hair, candy coloured and curly
Hair envy
Even super cool celebs have had this look - we are taking make up references here for this years festivals for sure. 
 Celebrate with your friends and conduct your own rainbow parties :) Check out these venues wow
 We loved the show, we enjoyed the research and now we can't wait to shoot the collection in editorials this season. Bang on Ashish we are totally in love.
 Why can't the sky be like this all year round??