The Art of Dining with ~Martin Par

The Art of Dining, with Martin Parr.
Martin Parr - taking our photo 
Super London T-shirt brand GINZA have produced a series of limited edition t-shirts in collaboration with the artist him self. T-shirts depicting Britain, lazy sundays, seaside jaunts, sunburn, deck-chairs, and cream teas. The motif of union jack, laden over greasy spoons and characters servicing and queuing for the traditional english fry- up, as well as naughty sea gulls stealing food. Together with the "Art of Dining" I was invited to experience a night in the style of Martin Parr.

We were transported into the world of Mr Parr, 5 courses of fantastic photographic replicas of some of his most famous pictures. Including scones with jamm and cream, radishes winning 2nd price, lemon curd and biscuits and mushroom soup served out of tea pots.
Greasy spoon style waitresses dressed in aprons,served us.
 Soup served and in one of his postcards at the dinner.

The dining experience, was definitely an experience, tables beautifully though out. Props and extras were a feast for the eye all over the 'set'. What great set design.
Below the first course of "Second course Radishes'
Final course of Bake-well biscuit and Lemon curd served in a jam-jar with cling film top and 1st price certificate signed by Martin Parr.
It was great to have a chat with Martin he looked very excited to be there and be involved what a super tribute to his years of work. Below myself and Gareth with Martin Parr.
A few goodies signed by Martin for keepsake :) 
 Heres a view of the table at which we sat with the gulls t-shirt i was given - i sneakily got this signed too :)
A brillant touch i really enjoyed was the photo-booth, massive Parr picture on the outside and food as backdrops. Look what fun we had :)
The Booth
We loved the props around the room, involving them we had such great images but the most fun was with Martin in the booth with us as seen below :)
With that in mind and my favourite course below, I had the best evening, we toasted good times, sang along to 90s pop classics, I got to meet a photographer who I have always admired greatly and went home with a massive smile on my face!! Thank you Ginza it was FANTASTIC!! Good luck with the range, i think its SUPER!! For more info and to buy your t-shirt click here. T-shirts
This dining experience is on going as a pop up shop for a couple more weeks. If you want to pop down and experience click here although Martin will not be attending again it is defo worth a visit.


  1. A wonderful feature! Thanks Hope, we loved your company and the way you have captured the event is beautiful. Gareth x

    1. Thank you Gareth me and my assistant Loved the event and hanging out with you <3 xx

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