Cloud dreaming with couture from Giambattista Valli Aw 14 Paris

Couture - Giambattista Valli Fall 2014
 Dreamy violets and soft fur purples dripping with flowers and soft light stricken stripes
 Light refracted shapes and darkened glasses
 Soft flowing white gowns and flower inspired jewels
 Dreamy french silhouettes
 Long floating layers

Classic black and white
 Strong lines and soft shadows

 Purple flower gardens and trims
soft mellow flower prints 
 Light covered mountains echoed in layered skirts
 Clouds inspired creative shaping
 coloured clouds
Soft colour dipping

 Finale pieces to die for, with shades and top knots
 Whirl pool dreams
 The perfect cherry on the top ending
 I am never disappointed by couture its always extravagant and beautiful, tonights dreams are going to be cloud covered <3 p="">
 Dreamy Pastels <3 p="">

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