Thom Browne - Exciting, Original, Crazy, everything I loveeeeee in mens design.

Ever since I set eyes on this collection I smiled inside, several nights of dreams intwined with his dramatic print combinations and day time dreaming I knew it was something special. 
My relationship between print and texture always relates back to interiors and here i am faced with print combinations that make me smile from ear to ear. 
Mixtures of scales, drama and traditional interior style fabrics all together and worn with such style; throw in my favourite animal and a few ears for good measure and you are entering the world of the next big creative. 
I await with bated breathe every season for Thome's work, may it be women's or men's. And every time I could never guess what my eyes would be treated to. And let me say I AM NEVER DISAPPOINTED.
Blues, greys and print
Combining all these prints looks dramatic but works a treat.
Lampshade inspired shapes
Layering upon layering
50s graphics
nothing has been left un thought through, from shoes to accessories
Bold and Bolder
Experimenting with fabrics and textures
Natural forms and manmade ideas
Hats by Steven Jones do not disapoint
texture, form and line
Grey upon grey
De constructed, layered, colour combinations, grey, on grey, on grey
Animal inspirations
 Blown away yes, inspired yes, excited yes Thome Brown AMAZING!!!
 Backstage Textures look beautiful in black and white
Camouflage make up, intricately executed
 Face paint pictures taken from Thom Browne's facebook.

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