Inspiration for my mind to share with yours

What dances in your mind?, what lurks in your soul?, here is a bite of whats in mine right now..............
 Colour and pattern a winning combination
 Boots boots boots boots 
 Classic elegance with a twist
 The drama of Gareth Pugh
 speak easy 
 who else but Mc Queen
 A shoot i died a little for
 Mc Queen like i dream about in my wildest dreams
 Thome Brown the new and most amazing inspiratior I am in owe of now
 Mc Queen
 Vintage Galliano
 The decadence of Mc Queen
 flowered by love
 cheeky treat
sister lover brother mother friend foe lifes a journey <3 p="">


  1. Great inspiration post. Thanks for sharing it and feel free to drop by me too when you have time.