This week TESTING ......... beauty product WONDERLIP by Lubatti

What a fab surprise on this sunny day but a new product from LUBATTI. 

Wonder-lip, super charged anti-age - with special 'pump up your lip action' Lip balm for the fashion conscious lady. Aimed at 22-45. 

What a product......Convinced yes i am, easy applied, smells very mild but beautifully calming; lips quickly appear smoother and softer. But what is important to me is the added bonus of no Paraben's. 

What is more, I was happily surprised to hear that it had won best lip therapy product at the beauty awards this is definitely one to be added to the make up bag for a daily dose of luxury.

Hope's testing vote 8/10

Key ingredients: Triple HA Complex, Vitamin E & Cera Alba
Contains UVA & UVB filters
Paraben free


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