Berlin the city full of inspiration Street art and great times

Take a trip into Berlin and let the senses be filled with the most wonderful street art, culture and fantastic hot weather. Here are some of my highlights, I have to say for a city this one is pretty cool ...... Could i live here hmmmmm YES FOR SURE!!!
 photobootes in Berlin are super cool
 Fresh breakfasts in Berlin are super ace
 Eating big balls
 Tuna Graffitti
 Amazing street art
 Beautiful street art
 pussy loveeee

 mini people graffiti
 supercool - german style
 woolworths in Berlin - German outfit
 Mirror Love
 Trippy art with a dark twist
 Amazing colour - favourite colour palette 
 Ant world
 Vicious birds of paradise
 Wool works
 Street art makes me smile
 Colour blending
 Street Peace
 Skate park art

 Jumping for JOy at mellow park skate festival - summerclash
 What everyone needs Dildo King
 Beautiful apartment in Berlin full of light
 Denim twins
Thrift store slippers - tribal and super snug

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