LFW Ashish

The King of Sparkles ASHISH - and his band of colourful rebels.
What a fantastic show today at day 2 of LFW, production by Village Press. Fantastic colour, animal prints, so many sequins i thought i may have died and gone to heaven.
WOW WEE, Black and white with sparkles, perfect wedding attire.
Zebra and cheetah prints - animal instincts
along side commercial branding, and sparkled ripped jeans
Acid stripes in the hair and as pom poms on the shoes
Combining sequins with prints
fish scales in layers of blue
cosmic colour combinations
colours whizzing by on the catwalk
Sparkled Mermaids like Katie perry below.
ACCESSORIES - reviewed
Coca Cola logo also played 
a part in the show, covered in sequins 
and made into wearable vests.
Ashish turned the sloganed plastic bag in to sparkly sequinned replicas. These included the Tesco bag and a lay on the M and S mag, with the same colour but with the letters reversed as 
S and M.
Indian accessories
many of the models wore antique indian jewellery like that shown in the pics below
 Beautiful Finale showing the ethnic accessories and amazing amount of sequinned pieces. Hair was striped with colours and all the ethnic pieces came from amazing jewellery stockists Pebble.
More info on www.ashish.com and www.pebble.com

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