LFW Sister by Sibling

One that always gets me excited ....
Sister by sibling always a treat, a packed show and a great buzz on the catwalk.

Smiley models shimmied down the catwalk in slogan jumpers, 
batty rider shorts  
and a selection of crocheted two pieces.
Big american house wife hair and classic flick black eyeliner, referencing the glamourous girls of the 1950s. 
Colourful animal prints and a touch of denim finished off the look.
  Casting was a real treat with a great selection of girls. 
Swimsuits - knitted of course referencing the classic 1950s shape
Basket weave crochet in contrasting colours
 Two pieces
classic Bridget Bardot style make up and hair
 And a school girls gaggle came down the run way on the finale smiling and grouping reds, blacks and matching prints.
 Super girly, cheeky smiles, gorgeous prints, glam hair and make up, ladies tea party chic...... whats not to like???

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