WEEKEND INSPIRATION: Interior design meets fashion design

We take inspiration from everywhere! We get inspired by art, we get inspired by culture and this weekend we got inspired by beautiful interiors. 

TREND **PATTERN** we absolutely love patterns, moroccan traditional interiors/travels, Print and texture and we are not the only ones!! Here are some interior/fashion combinations. 
Rich and colorful!
 We mix and match patterns!
We are still dreaming of that Mary Katrantzou collection inspired from Ming Vases!
 Original designs, we loved the shape and print!
And then of course Carven!
Key inspiration tableware!
Lets not forget the latest TOPSHOP Unique collection and that islamic print...... that we fell in love with!
Makes us relive our Moroccan travels!
and dream about staying in places like these!
We wouldn't mind going to Africa, one bit if we were greated with prints like these.
Because African print has been one of our obsession for a while now!
TRIBAL CHIC The room of our dreams!
And lastly a Scandinavian twist!
We remember Marimekko whose prints we love to use in both our dresses and bedding!
And we are not the only ones!
We love Marimekko print on trousers!
and also on the curtains! 
All in all we are lovers of fashion but also have a super soft spot for interiors, we decorate ourselves in accessories and now we also decorate our houses. Would you not love to match your house?? Live in a home full of print and colour?? Experiment with whats inside and whats outside. Key for our trends is this mixture. 


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