BRAND: Rosita Bonita

On a cold November afternoon we visited Rosita Bonita, a lovely jewelry designer and illustrator, at her studio situated in east London, for a sneaky peak into her world.
Rosita does not only make Jewellery in her Aladdin's cave, we were lucky enough to have a peak at her halloween costume she made laden with her designs. 
We knew we had to include it in this article ......AMAZING!!
At home with Rosita.... Halloween tea.
What started this fascination with illustration ~Rosita

As with all good things we started our conversation with a cup of coffee. We couldn't fail to notice how lovely her cups were. Rosita told us that beautiful cups just make her happy and, if we loved these, we should see her apartment. Oh, we bet we would absolutely love it as well! Why not check out her pintrest you get such a lovely insight into her brand here. @rositabonita. 
(below an old picture of Rosita's studio found online)
Rosita studied Illustration at Camberwell College, University Of The Arts London, and graduated in 2005. Rosita speaks with such enthusiasm about her brand and where she has come form artistically. She recalls her school days, where her inspiration and creativity started. One of Rosita's early  passions  was expressing herself artistically, through drawing and cutting collages and this underpins her style today and has become a way of life for her. 
How did she get started ~Rosita
We kicked off our chat with a question about how she developed from illustration she studied at university, to creating jewelry. The link isn’t too hard to spot with, her illustration laid all over her pieces and so beautifully printed on to leather, but we were very interested to find out where it all began.  Rosita explained that it was difficult to get paid for illustration. Its a very competitive field, so printing her ideas on to wearable necklaces seemed an accessible way to share her ideas with a wide audience, and this idea grew into a successful business model and the brand - Rosita Bonita was born.
Worldwide press and retailers ~Rosita
Rosita's necklaces and other pieces have built up a name all for themselves having been seen in magazines and in shops worldwide. Rosita remembers the time when she gave up her job to focus on it full time, "scary it was" but her smile reassured us it was all worth while. Here is a peak at her new collection and inspiration. "Toledo" its got so much spanish charm. -Check for full collection on website.
Viewing collections ~Rosita Bonita
So here is a very exotic sneak peek at one of her collections. What better to surround us than a look back at summer joys, we think these earrings and necklaces are perfect for brightening and warming up this autumn weather. 
Hummingbirds, orchid flowers, fruits and sunshine remind us of summer carnival and we cant help but get inspired!
Fantastic hummingbird illustration necklaces made out of leather.
Birds birds birds....... 
colorful birds straight from paradise!
signature earrings on the right and exotic pattern on the left!
We want them all!
Oh how we loved closing our eyes and imagining warm sunshine
Holidays with exotic fruits in the trees and on the necklace.
Easily Reminding us of that perfectly juicy orange that we tried in Spain!
Industry secrets ~Rosita

As we continued our conversation Rosita kindly shared some more of her experience with us. Rosita emphasized how important it is to know people in the industry and that it really is all about contacts saying that sometimes it is not even how talented you are but more about how good you can work with other people. She suggested for students to intern a lot during their years at university and do it in as many different areas as possible to get wider perspective and meet more people.

What inspires ~Rosita

When we asked about where she finds her inspiration she replied by saying - everywhere. Her wish is to simply create something beautiful and interesting. Sometimes the simplest things sell the best, and although she would love to create only large vibrant pieces you have to respond to what costumers will buy. That's great advise for new designers just starting out. 
Having a chat with Rosita and being welcomed into her studio was something very exciting, particularly hearing her secrets and how her experience have shaped her buisness. Although she is obviously doing very well we are enamored with her honesty and ongoing drive. It’s so nice to see such passion with a product that we could easiely buy for ourselves, our mothers or for anyone! A clever brand with the best style ambassador.

New Collections ~Rosita

Rosita creates a new collection every season, each collection shining with her personality all over it. Here is a selection of another collection that we adored: AMULETS
We loved the lucky charm necklets with all seeing eye!
How could you resist??
and our favorite talisman - HEART! Simple yet very chic.
But lastly some wonderful pieces from SIREN collection!
We absolutely adored those earrings and packaging!
more lovely necklaces and some inspiration!
So what is coming next? Designer let as have a glance on her mood-board but for more simply stay tuned! 
And huge thanks to Rosita for such a welcoming visit! If you want to check her out she will be at the Secret Emporium on the 14th and 15th of December pop along for perfect xmas gifts. :)

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