FRIDAY LATE AT V&A: Lara Jensen - Backstage preview

On a late friday night we joined designer Lara Jensen at V and A museum to showcase her amazing jewelled head pieces. But we were not alone! This couldn't be done without a help from five stunning models and fantastic team.
We fell in love with the beautiful adornments since the first show many months ago and to work with them again was super.
Here is a little behind of the scenes from our magical evening! 
Everything started with a five beauties. But with a help from hair and make-up artists and little styling we turned them into a marvelous Lara Jensen girls! 
We love to take care of our lovely models and in order to make them feel as comfortable as possible, while hair stylists work their magic, we brought in some fun slippers!
Looks cute, doesn't they?
We had a sneak peek on their massive equipment! Dozens of brushes...
... and here even more!
We absolutely loved the hair style! Above Sadie Pinn, below Kiera @ Select Models.
Such a cute little Minnie Mouse buns suited girls perfectly!
 All of them!
 Here is how it happened! All about a team work!
 And then it was time for make-up!
Make up was headed by Nat Van Zee.
We take care of every single girl!
And voila! It is time for rehearsal!
We tried out V and A stairs and hallways before the big moment!
After all - practice makes us perfect!
And finally it's time to put on jewelry!
They look like foreign princesses!
Oh, fantastic! Love it!
3, 2, 1... and the big moment is here!
We thought that lights and shadows made a perfectly mysterious atmosphere!
This was one magical evening and we absolutely loved it! And so did the spectators or at least that was what we could tell from the loud applause we could heard from them!

Thanks everyone for their help! We couldn't do it without you!
Designs Lara Jensen, Styling Hope Von Joel, Back stage photography Madara for Hope Von Joel, Hair by Idira @toni and Guy, Make up Nat van zee, Models Fern, Issy, Charlotte, Kerry, @ Select Model Management and Sadie Pinn.

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