We visited lovely Lizzie Burns - the designer behind the jewelry brand E.A.Burns.
At home in her studio in east London.
Chatting with Lizzie was so much fun that we didn't want to leave! We managed to talk about all sorts over a cup of tea while the designer showed us around her studio sharing her design creations and brand secrets.
 To start some of the rings and necklaces we adored! Gold and silver - simple and perfect!
 Some golden...
 and silver inspiration!
With lots of textures and shapes!
Could't take our eyes of this bracelet! We want it so badly!
Btw, we absolutely fell in love with their lookbook photos! Therefore, we decided to ask about the way Lizzie promotes her brand. Interestingly, she replied that she does't do anything much. Of course there are social media that are a big help these days but otherwise she thinks that if you are good people will find out about you!

And we could't agree more. We think Lizzie's designs are fantastic!
But back to the last collections: Ancient Rites! The model looks more than lovely and personally we think idea is increadably cool!
Don't you think so?
What is more, we thought that E.A.Burns logo is super cool so we got inspired by the graphic shapes and lines!
 Geometrical is what we love!
A bit of astronomy and a bit of universe!
The beauty of modern architecture and the reflection in glass!
And some interiors! What do you think of a fun wallpaper?
An insight into Lizzie's brand.
A question we couldn't wait to ask was how is E.A.Burns a sustainably manufactured brand. So we lizzie how she can achieve this?

We couldn't have got a better answer, as designer explained when you know that so many recourses are waisted why should't you do something good if you can?

Those are exactly our thoughts!
When lizzie is designing - she requires perfection and only perfection is what the designer is aiming for! Quality is what the brand is definitely associated with and this is shown in the finishing and the beautiful designs!
 Details are important!
 Quick sketches from when the inspiration strikes!
And more from the studio!
 Final pieces!
Ahhh... beautiful!
When we saw the delightful jewellery the question we where willing to ask was what did Lizzie study. Lizzie surprised us when she revealed that it wash't Jewellery Design but Fashion Design. Jewellery design definitely came later, after college when addressing the way design made her feel; but more importantly that it was accessible to a large audience.
It was so refreshing to hear that what you study doesn't always mean that you will find your career feet in!  
Passion is passion and Lizzie has buckets loads for her self taught skills. 
 We feel very graphic these days! Heres more inspiration we associate with Lizzie's designs.
All black to white!

We think this could be perfect gift for Christmas for your favourite fashionable friend.

Thanks a lot to Lizzie for lovely visit! We could't enjoy it more!
Happy new year to you all from Hope Von Joel and team.

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