Sparkly lights, christmas trees, gold and silver sparkles, whats your christmas favourite? We love a bit of sparkle so we thought of sharing our favourites with you.
Sparkles in clothing, in confetti and in accessories.........
We loved the festive spirit in party wear, whats better to catch the light and make you shine??
Embellishment, sequins, lace, lots of pink.....
Makes us want to celebrate and dance.....
We pour a glass of champaign and hang out with friends.
We love embellished shoes....
Dancing with Miu Miu, maybe?
Mirrors and lights make the night magical!
But we also dream of white snow!
And look for inspiration in the works of Paolo Roversi and Tim Walker.
Snowy weather and fantastic gowns!
The lights at night and the reflections on snow!
For cosy evenings we laden our homes with pretty lights and draped fabrics creating our own magical forts.
But our bedroom is not the only place we love to decorate!
Why not try, A little scandinavian touch for our home!
And lastly a silver touch!
Nothing shines more than the power of diamonds!

So this is our sparkly inspirations.
And have a lovely, shinny weekend!

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