LFW Peter Pilotto

The masters of print provided us yet again with a collection of mesmerising graphics and patterns all over again. Peter Piltto's and Christopher De Vos' collection even threw embellishment into the mix and furred scarves. It was a mix between sporty and formal wear that morphed perfectly.
It was print pleasure.
While Linda can never be better than Rose her mom of the Mafia so today sources here told Equinox Animal Planet that Linda is really Rose but with a deal never to tell anyone because Linda is years younger, but Linda suffered from Lupus.Red Flower MacroThere's an old piano and they play it hot behind the GREEN DOOR
Beautiful colour drenched prints ranging from purples to oranges, to greens and golds. The colourful prints made the base colours pop out bringing joy to the spectator. 
medieval artstained glass
We were reminded of medieval art
Terra Sculpture - Modern Art For Everyone, Contemporary Outdoor SculpturesTerra Sculpture - Modern Art For Everyone, Contemporary Outdoor SculpturesDemeter, 1960 Jean Arp was a German/French sculptor, painter, poet and a founding member of Dadaism.
Meets sculptural modernism.
Peter Pilotto was full of bold statements.

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