LFW Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane's collection lived up to the hype and completely mesmerised us. With a colour palette that was dominated by the colour black, reminding us that you can never go wrong with it. He gave us texture, little black dresses, fur, perfect pleats, organza, and lean tailoring that left wanting for more.
We will use a black colour scheme. The drapes covering the box will be black so that the video on the inside will be more effective.Black waterover the hill party - black balloons - Hot Fudge Real Ice Cream Shake @Jenn L Milsaps L Milsaps M. Drive-In #summerofshakes
Taking the setting of an abattoir as inspiration, he morphed codes from the luxury market with a determination to break design barriers.
Christopher created amazing innovative 3D designs.

Christopher Kane reminded us that the pastel pink trend isn't going anywhere yet.

But what stole the show were the handbags. Christopher Kane showcased his first ever line of bags ranging from clutches, totes and box bags in all different types of textures.
The beautiful collection of eight gorgeous bags won't hit the shelves until autumn this year.
Everything about Christopher Kane's collection was effortlessly perfect and a total stand out. We want more!

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