Hope's Testing Kiehls Liquid Cleanser 'Pear Tree Corner'

Fresh, fruity and beautifully soft, pear tree cleanser takes me back to my childhood
picking pears and drinking/eating fresh fruits.
An original smell not too strong but enough to make you feel pampered and special.
Light in colour and texture leaves skin super soft and smooth. I chose to test this product due to the unusual fragrance and was very much surprised and pleased with the results. Having been sent many different shower gels this is definitely one that i keep going back to. If your looking for something to make you smile while in the bath a smell to share old memories with and a super smooth body then this is the one for you.
A perfect gift and a sensual addition to any bathroom.
My only thought is that the packaging unlike many of the brands in the same price range is a little disappointing, plastic and thin feels a little cheap, luckily the product makes up for that in quality.

Brown bag is earthy and classic, pear tree reference is earthy and pure.

A refreshing, gentle, yet effective cleanser for the body. Formulated to help skin maintain its moisture levels. Used in the shower or bath, our formula helps leave skin clean with a lovely texture. Available in Mango, Pour Homme, Coriander, Grapefruit, Coconut, Pear Tree, Forest Rain and Gardenia.



Pronunciation : A-loh VEE-rah

Latin : Latin genus: alo barbadensis

Aloe Vera is a compound extracted from the South African Aloe plant. With over 300 species, Aloe has been used for its medicinal and skin care benefits for over three thousand years. Historically, it is known to soften, soothe and comfort skin.


Pronunciation : HI-druh-lie'zd HWEET PRO-teen

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, also known as by the collective name Phyto Peptides, is an effective substitute for hydrolyzed animal protein derived by acid, enzyme, or other method of hydrolysis. It offers conditioning, moisturizing and film forming properties.


Pronunciation : SOH-dee'-uhm PEA SEE AY

Latin : Sodium is from the Middle English 'sode' (saltwort), 'soda'

Sodium PCA is a naturally occurring humectant in the skin, partly responsible for the skin's moisture-binding capacity. It is derived from amino acids and is highly water absorbing.

Hope's testing vote 7/10 perfect smell

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