PFW Chanel

Chanel collection swept us away. It was like Karl meets Art meets Fashion. Looking at the show made us feel like going to see Modern Art Museum. Only this time instead of seeing Hirst or Warhol  we saw Karl's art embelisshed with Chanel logo.
 Huge Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle looking like a robot
Massive Chanel logo sculpture and paintings!
Amazing venue!
 Inspiration Art Basel!
and colorful Japanese toys!
If it is Art then it is art! We adored that colorful paint stroke pattern!
We were amazed by fantastic eye make-up! A cool mixture between Japanese culture and color splash!
Reminded us of this super cool photo of Kate Moss by Mario Testino
and Asian culture
Another thing we saw and loved was wearing two bags at the time. If they are as cute as Chanel's  MORE IS definitely MORE! 
We thought that that washed out/bleached material looked fantastic!
made us think of that old pair of jeans we just can't throw out
It is ain't no Chanel if there is no black'n'white and tweed!
Loved this camouflage effect!
made us think of birch tree
And some more looks we couldn't leave out! Because there could NEVER be too much of CHANEL.
As they say:
Food, water, CHANEL - lets go back to the essentials!

Pure love!

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