LFW Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou took print on a new level with her new collection. The queen of print this time round played around with symbols, abstracting them from their origins and revamping them.
Girl Guides are for everyone - here's a young Queen Elizabeth in her Guides uniform!Police Woman, 1918firefighter
Inspiration for the creation of the symbols came from uniforms and anything uniformed.
Extracts and patterns were taken from the uniforms to create beautiful prints and embellishments. Each symbol created an impact.
The City that never SleepsTravel in the United Kingdom and learn fluent English with the Eurolingua Institute http://www.eurolingua.com/english/homestay-uk-2Canary Wharf, London is such a neat development. As much as I like variety in a skyline I hope they keep the simplicity here. It's epic.
Inspiration also came from the city, the shapes of buildings help add to the symbols created. Meaning was added to the collection as every symbol was representative of real life.
Lines were sleek, often elongated, ground touching. There was pleats animating the fabric and garments were layered to add depth to every outfit.
 But what really took our eye was the embellishment just stunning!
As the finale came around we were in awe of the whole collection.

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